New designs at Pulse

If you have ever been to a product design trade fair you will know the feeling of walking in to face interminable corridors of small booths filled with hopeful business owners. The weight of responsibility sometimes outweighs the pleasure of discovering new talent! Having spent many years of filtering the wheat from the chaff at shows, and having been on both sides of the counter I have developed a speedy approach to trade show visits; it takes something quite special to catch my eye these days, I whizz up and down aisles waiting to be wowed rather than actively looking in each stand.

This season’s Pulse show at Olympia showcased new interior design products and grouped new designers and products into distinct sections of the show. So, my habitual zig-zag up and down the aisles went out of the window!! The ‘Launchpad’ section of the show featured young businesses launching their products into the marketplace, many of whom were exhibiting for the first time. A fleeting glance around the exhibition highlighted the fact that the most activity in the show seemed to be taking place in this and the Raw / UALnow  areas. New design is the key to the future of retailing and it is essential that these up-and-coming designers are encouraged. They have invested in their products emotionally and financially, taking them to market is one of the bravest things a designer can do.

I am showing a selection of the products that caught my eye, they may not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s the joy of new discoveries!

(Please do click on the links to see more of these lovely things!)

Sevak Zargarian. Ceramics


Melina Xenaki ceramics
Melina Xenaki ceramics
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson
Anna Hayman Designs


Emma Ware, Leather and recycled silver body pieces

Cox and Brauch. Textile designers


Glosters pottery
Glosters Pottery

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