Indigo linens

Combining a love for antique European linens and the textile heritage of West Africa, Rebecca has created a new range of hand-dyed natural indigo linens and embroidered linens. Each of the antique linen pieces is naturally dyed and either patterned using traditional African starch resist techniques or hand embroidered by Rebecca to create individual pieces. 

The designs replicate the Adiré wallpapers, giving opportunity for stunning layers of pattern in an interior.

Textures and qualities in the collection include soft hemp hand-woven sheets, fine, embroidered or monogrammed linens and often the traditional hard-wearing ‘Metis’ French textiles with a mix of cotton and linen. Generations of laundering and wear are evident in the linens, some are patched, darned or mended and some hand embroidered as family heirloom trousseau pieces.

Please contact us for more details as each piece is individual.

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