Rooted in cushions

I have been beavering away creating new designs for the ‘Rooted in’ cushion collection that I have been building over the past few weeks. I thought I should take this opportunity of showing off the final products!

Artichoke Place
Rye Lane cushion cover


The latest designs are Rye lane and Artichoke Place, both well known streets in my local area in South London. Artichoke Place SE5 in Camberwell, is a little cul-de-sac with the local Victorian swimming baths nestled at the end of it. Rye Lane is Peckham’s famous street, leading to Peckham Rye park. Peckham is named after the river peck, and the word Rye originally comes from the old English for brook. However, I have taken a little artistic license, and used ‘Rye’ to represent the wild grasses in the untended corners of Peckham Rye Park!

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