Rooted in…..

I have been beavering away in my workspace, putting together my first collection of limited edition block printed cushion covers. The pure joy of creating a product from scratch had me literally jiggling for joy when my first lino cut printed succesfully onto the antique French linen that I have been collecting for years and wondering what to do with!!

Inspired by local London street names, I wanted to combine my love of plant drawing with my return to South London after many years living in France, and what better way than to combine them in a collection of prints? Hence the “Rooted in” collection was born! My first two designs are “Love Walk, SE5” With an image of the delicate Love-in-a-mist flower ( just in time for St Valentine’s day) and “Elm Grove SE15”. In keeping with the traditions of multi cultural Peckham and my extended family I have used traditional hand tie dyed fabric from Nigeria to create the piping around the cushions; a truly multi-ethnic product!

The first two designs in the collection went into my first stockist SE storehouse which is a social enterprise store in Peckham, and I am so excited to see my cushions in their window!

So, watch this space for more designs in the Rooted in collection, there are so many fantastic plant forms out there in the streets of London!