The Pink House range of hand-stitched home furnishing accessories uses traditional, vintage and antique fabrics and trimmings.

Individual pieces are available via the Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom in London, Jasper by Michael S Smith showroom in Los Angeles and Pink House by Rebecca on Etsy where you will find the prices in your local currency.

indigo hand dyed cotton embroidered cushion
‘Fray’ cushion with hand dyed indigo cotton, vintage French linen and hand embroidered detailing


Aso-oké woven strips from Nigeria, embellished with  beadwork and subtle hand stitching, Nigerian handwoven fabric combined with vintage French pink braid.

Hand beaded cushion
Grey hand-beaded Aso-oke cushion


I have been jealously guarding this piece of antique silk Jacquard wondering how to do it justice in my cushion collection. Here it is; sensitively mounted, subtly embellished and still very much loved.

silk jacquard
18th Century silk jacquard mounted on silk.


beaded bird tapestry
Vintage tapestry birds embellished with seed beads and backed with the beautiful Fez Weave by the Guy Goodfellow Collection.


whitework embroidered cushion
Antique French embroidered cotton cushion with hand beading and embroidered embellishment.


Green and red hand embroidered cushion
‘Rhubarb stitch’ hand embroidered cushion with seed beads on traditionally dyed Nigerian cloth.


“Flame” hand embroidered and beaded onto traditionally dyed fabric from Nigeria
cushion with hand beaded flamingos
Flamingo Sunset. hand beaded tapestry cushion.
‘Indigo Heights’  Hand beaded French vintage linen bed runner.


Youruba Cushion Collection
Stitch resist Yoruba indigo dye with seed beading.
Yoruba collection. green and gold hand beaded cushion. 45x45cm



Swirl cushions
‘Swirl’ Pair of hand beaded cushions using traditional Yoruba starch resist fabric. 40x60cm each
Starch resist and traditional vintage ‘aso-oke’ weave. 50x50cm cushion

Detail of ‘Victoriana’ 60x60cm vintage French embroidered cushion.

All products are listed in my Etsy shop with prices in your local currency.

If you have a particular enquiry about any of the cushions shown, or would like to commission a bespoke cushion, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You!

4 thoughts on “Pink House Products

  1. Ton voisin says:

    Je ne sais pas si le message est parti donc je re commence
    Peux tu me communiquer le tarif pour deux coussins motif yoruba série Swirl

    1. pinkhousebyrebeccacole says:

      Merci beaucoup de votre message.
      Les tarrifs internationales pour les coussins sont sur mon site Etsy . Vous pouvez suivre le lien vers la icône en bas du page ou dans le texte en haut ‘Pink House by Rebecca’ J’ai ajoute une formulaire ‘contact’ sur le page si vous avez autres questions.
      Merci encore de votre message!

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