A little bit about Me

Pink House by Rebecca Cole. Hand block printed borders

Having trained in textile design at Chelsea School of Art, and fine art printmaking at postgraduate level at Camberwell School of Art, I have continually explored colour, plant and natural forms throughout my career, and show some of my work here.

I established my international reputation in the textile industry as a designer of exquisite, contemporary floral textiles. My work is held in major international design collections and has been successfully exhibited in major exhibitions internationally.

Throughout my career I have enjoyed writing about art and design across various platforms. Initially as a trend forecaster for international design companies, and subsequently writing for design magazines.

I launched my collection of hand printed and embroidered home accessories, in order to create a range of beautiful textile products that reflect my heritage and passion for antique and hand crafted textiles. The pieces I create are on display at the Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom in London and The Jasper Showroom in Los Angeles.

The collection of hand-woven artisan borders are produced by weavers in Western Nigeria and can be used for  a multitude of decoration purposes from upholstery trim to wall decoration, These woven ‘Aso-Oke’ borders are also available with bespoke block printed designs from the range in the Pink House border collection.

Aso-oke woven borders as upholstery and curtain trim
Aso-oke hand woven ikat braids applied to curtain and upholstery.

Welcome to my world of inspiration!

I hope you enjoy!

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